Tyr himinn

UUID: Tyr-himinn
Score: 6
Last edited: 2 months ago
Last commit: 4af43f896320f18a0429509897cf185724e543c4

Simple and sleek theme for Cinnamon in two variants: green (jord) and blue (himinn)

Tried to do things a little way different than other themes - hope it's not too weird.

Font: Droid Sans (sudo apt-get install fonts-droid)
Icons: Faience
Wallpaper: this one


- May 2, 2013: Brought up-to-date with Cinnamon 1.8 + various fixes (right-click submenus in the menu and a more noticeable window-list-tab-demands-attention style)

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Really nice :) i love it !
Rudertier-4 months ago
Great theme!
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy-7 months ago
Good 'dark with transparency' theme with nice level of consistency in appearance of tool tips, desklets etc. Works well with Mint-Y-Dark Controls & Borders & Mint-Y Icons, although some might prefer the variant with green accents.