Tyr jord

UUID: Tyr-jord
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2 years ago 2021-02-26, 15:05
Last commit: [1696ec30] swap height property for padding to allow... (#687)

Simple and sleek theme for Cinnamon in two variants: green (jord) and blue (himinn)



Tried to do things a little way different than other themes - hope it's not too weird.

Font: Droid Sans (sudo apt-get install fonts-droid)
Icons: Faience
Wallpaper: Guist



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theconfounded-1 year ago
It's nearing a year now since I started using this theme and it has essentially become my experience of Cinnamon. I could see it as the default menu for Cinnamon. The glassy semi-transparent menu is elegant while the natural mint green mystique is preserved. It also goes well with my mint leaf menu icon and earthy wallpapers. I did manage to get the CSS file edited so that I could have fully transparent panels, although I can't remember what I did. I wish all the themes did that by default or that it was a simple toggle option for any theme.
almijr-4 years ago
I love this theme! Everything is just like I was looking for. But, i'm having a bug on search of menu: the search icon is duplicated (I think the white icon should not appear there). May you fix it? Thanks! Here is a screenshot of it: https://imgur.com/a/Znb6qQ2
Hunman-4 years ago
Fixed in both Tyr-jord and Tyr-himinn
hjk mkl
hjk mkl-5 years ago
Ugly!!! Too darkness.
d9k-5 years ago
Ubuntu 16.04, Cinnamon 3.6.0 I like your theme but today it broke my cinnamon (crash on menu click) and I can't reinstall your theme now! ON your theme installation Error dialog appears: "[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmpu_WHWV/Tyr jord'" But folder "/tmp/tmpu_WHWV/Tyr-jord" exists! (see the difference: space and hyphen after "Tyr")
Beautiful and very good theme. I have the green and the blue Tyr theme, the same in red would be perfect ;)
J Crewp
J Crewp-6 years ago
Very good theme.
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy-6 years ago
Good 'dark with transparency' theme with nice level of consistency in appearance of tool tips, desklets etc. Works well with Mint-Y-Dark Controls, Borders & Mint-Y Icons.