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GTK theme included

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zalata bal dom dom
zalata bal dom dom-10 months ago
I'm the original author. Please this theme
Bryan Sandoval
Bryan Sandoval-1 year ago
Do you have an update that includes the metacity 3 theme? This theme's window borders are broken in Linux Mint 19 because they have removed support for metacity 1.
Brahim Salem
Brahim Salem-2 years ago
I'm the original author of this. An update is available here
Bryan Sandoval
Bryan Sandoval-2 years ago
I'm running Mint on two machines. On one this theme works fantastic and I love it! On the second, when attempting to add the theme, I get the following output: An error occurred during the installation of Vivaldi-ZorinOS. Please report this incident to its developer. Details: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmpsTKLFX/Vivaldi-ZorinOS' checking the directory, $ll drwx------ 3 homeUser:homeUser tmpFolder
Bryan Sandoval
Bryan Sandoval-2 years ago
Update: Works fine as long as I pull from here and unzip in /usr/share/themes. Only seems to be an issue when adding via Mint's theme selection, but again only on one of two machines. Very glad it's working, I love this theme!
Kody Black
Kody Black-2 years ago
when i try to change my background with the vivaldi controls theme selected it only shows a black screen how do i fix this?