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1 month ago 2017-12-26, 08:32 UTC
Last commit: [52fc0e3c] Void: add missing OSD + some other minor tidy ups (#297)

Smart light grey theme with subtle gradients and shadow

This theme is for Cinnamon 3.2 DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY

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This theme currently has no maintainer. If you wish to become one, contact the original developer of this theme: http://luisrafaelgalvez.deviantart.com/

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Brian Millham
Brian Millham-3 days ago
I've been using Void for years. A shame that it's no longer maintained!
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique-2 months ago
Great job, congratulations.
Alex Sausya
Alex Sausya-4 months ago
The only one theme, that I really liked!