Windows 10 Light Theme

by elbullazul
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Simple theme to emulate Win10 on your Cinnamon machine.

Icons available here :

**for a better windows-looking panel, I recommend using configurable-menu, an applet available in this same website**

-- patches to the cinnamon theme and new arrows for scrollbar steppers gtk3 --

Theme changelog available here : 

Windows 10 Transformation Pack

Dark theme here

This Work aims to provide the closest imitation of Microsoft's Windows 10 appearance, while making itself available to the most Desktop Environments. For a complete compatibility list, visit the theme's webpage


Maintainer : Elbullazul - since September of 2015

Distributor : B00merang Theming

License : GPL v3

For the moment, this theme works with the following Desktop environments :

  • Cinnamon 2.4/2.6/2.8/3.0/3.2


  • GTK+ 3.6 or above (soon to be GTK 3.10 or above)
  • Murrine theme engine (GTK 2)

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I love the Menu and panel, but why is the Windows Icon static?? I really have no desire to replicate Windows, as I have your theme mixed with the Chrome OS theme for a basic modern dark/bright hybrid but I can't replace the Windows Icon with my own. Please fix this.
Jerry Ferreira
Jerry Ferreira-1 month ago
Wow, this theme is amazing!