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Warns you when installed Spices (applets, desklets, extensions, themes) require an update or new Spices are available.



Spices Update


Cinnamon Spices are Applets, Desklets, Extensions and Themes.

You usually check updates for the Spices using Cinnamon Settings. But, like me, you do it too seldom.

The Spices Update applet plays these roles:

  • It warns you when the Spices you have installed need updates.
  • Optional: It can also warn you when new Spices are available.
  • It gives you direct access to Cinnamon Settings for Applets, Desklets, Extensions and Themes.


Fully supported by the author, under continuing development and in continuous use on several machines, running with Linux Mint, Fedora or Archlinux.


The Spices Update requires the notify-send tool and the symbola TrueType font.

To install it:

  • Fedora: sudo dnf install libnotify gdouros-symbola-fonts
  • Arch:
    • sudo pacman -Syu libnotify
    • yay -S ttf-symbola or pamac build ttf-symbola
  • Linux Mint: sudo apt install libnotify-bin fonts-symbola

This applet helps you to install these dependencies, if needed.


There are five tabs in settings.

The first, General, allows you to:

  • Select the Time interval between two checks (in hours). Please note that the first check will take place one minute after starting this applet.
  • Select the ways to warn you : changing the appearance (by color changing) of the icon of this applet and/or displaying messages in the notification zone. You can also choose the type of notification: Minimal or With a button to open the Download tab in System Settings. If desired, the notification may contain the description of each update or new Spice.
  • Select the Type of display of the icon: with or without text?
  • Hide the icon applet while nothing is to report. Please note that Spices Update settings are only accessible when the applet icon is visible or by opening the Cinnamon Settings-> Applets.


For the content of the other tabs (Applets, Desklets, etc), please look at the screenshot above and note that the list of installed Spices is automatically filled at startup, but a button allows you to reload it.

Set to FALSE all the Spices you do not want to check updates. There are two reasons to do this:

  • A spice is OK for you, and you do not want to be notified of any changes to it.
  • You are a developer working on a spice and you do not want to be informed about changes during development.


In the menu of this applet:

  • a Refresh button allows you to force checking the availability of updates for your Spices;
  • a dot appears in front of each type of Spice when at least one update is available;
  • a click on a type of Spice (Applets, Desklets, etc) opens the Download tab of the corresponding page in Cinnamon Settings, with Spices sorted by date;
  • when new Spices are available, an option Forget new Spices appears; clicking it will clear these notifications of new spices, until others arrive;
  • a Configure... button opens the Settings.


The color of the icon changes when at least one of your Spices needs an update.

Its tooltip (the message displayed when the icon is hovered) contains the list of spices to update, if any.



There are two types of notifications: Minimal or With buttons. Each of them may or may not contain details: the reason for an update or the description of a new spice.

Minimal notifications

Here with the reason for update:


Notifications with buttons

Two buttons: firstly a button to open the System Settings page to download updates; secondly a button to refresh the notification to obtain details, if any.

Here without details:


After refreshing, the reason for the update appears:



Any translation is welcome. Thank you for contributing to translate the applet's messages into new languages, or to improve or supplement existing translations.


Automatic Installation

Use the Applets menu in Cinnamon Settings, or Add Applets to Panel in the context menu (right-click) of your desktop panel. Then go on the Download tab to install this Spices Update applet.

Manual Installation:

  • Install the additional programs required.
  • Download the Spices Update from the Spices Web Site.
  • Unzip and extract the folder SpicesUpdate@claudiux into ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/
  • Enable this applet in System Settings -> Applets.
  • You can also access the Settings Screen from System Settings -> Applets, or from the context menu of this applet (right-clicking on its icon).

A Star to thank the author

If you like this Spices Update applet, please do not offer money or coffee, but log in and click on the Star at the top of this page.

Many Thanks.



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claudiux-4 months ago
Available translations: Dutch, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Spanish and Swedish. A big thank to all the translators! Any new translation is welcome!
Footbath666-5 months ago
Running Cinnamon 3.2.7 on Mint 18.1. I've never gotten this to work. Appear to have all dependencies and have also tried installing manually. Any suggestions? glass.log: [Applet "SpicesUpdate@claudiux"]: Error importing applet.js from SpicesUpdate@claudiux .xsession-errors: (soffice:32663): Gdk-WARNING **: gdk_window_set_icon_list: icons too large :1: parser error : Document is empty /* Spices Update (SpicesUpdate@claudiux) ^ :1: parser error : Document is empty /* Spices Update (SpicesUpdate@claudiux)
claudiux-5 months ago
It's normal, for the moment. This applet is intended to work with Cinnamon 3.8 or 4.0 (Linux Mint 19 or 19.1). Now that the development is finished, I will make a multi-version (which is more complicated to maintain for me).
GoodGuy98-3 months ago
May I suggest you add a comment near the top that this applet only work with Cinnamon 3.8 or 4.0 (Linux Mint 19 or 19.1) at this point in time. How will we know when the multi-version you are working on is available for Linux Mint 18.3 etc?
fluntelion-5 months ago
The last 2 or 3 updates of Spices Update caused a crash of Cinnamon. The message read: "You are now in the recovery mode. Do you want to restart Cinnamon?" Well, I wanted to, and after a few seconds, everything was fine again. - Is this crash 'normal' in the sense of: is it necessary to restart Cinnamon in order to make the updated applet work? Or is it a bug? If so, you may want to know it.
claudiux-5 months ago
This occurs sometimes for all applets, when the translation files to update are too big or too numerous.
claudiux-5 months ago
Can you open an issue and give me the contents of your ~/.xsession-errors.old file (if you do not have restarted Cinnamon again), please?
fluntelion-5 months ago
Unfortunately I can't. I use BleachBit to have all kinds of crap cleaned. .xsession-errors files belong to what I consider crap (BLUSH), so they're all gone. Sorry. But as you say that such crashes can occur sometimes, I'll take them with equanimity from now on. :-)
claudiux-5 months ago
The latest update to Spices Update, which did not contain any .po files, was made without Cinnamon crash.
Draconicrose-5 months ago
Thank you for adding the ability to hide the icon when there's nothing to update!
fluntelion-5 months ago
Maintenant que je sais que tu es Français, je comprends beaucoup mieux certaines choses: ta gentilesse, ta courtoisie, ta compréhension, ton engagement et la qualité de l'applet - tout cela me fait penser à Clément Lefebvre. ;-) Ce savoir-vivre, célèbre dans le monde entier, c'est bien plus qu'un repas délicieux, non? :-) I did my best to say it in French, but I doubt that 'compréhension' is a good translation of 'obligingness', and I'm afraid that I'm not writing 'Le bon Français'. But you'll understand me nonetheless, won't you?
claudiux-5 months ago
Merci pour ce message qui me va droit au cœur ! Et ton français est excellent, bien meilleur que mon anglais ! Tu m'as fait découvrir 'obligingness', qui se traduit plutôt par 'obligeance' ou 'serviabilité'. There are good guys in every country. You prove it, as well as all those here who encourage me and participate by giving me good ideas, by translating this applet, by participating in its improvement. Thank you very much!
fluntelion-5 months ago
I had been waiting for such an applet for years, and here it is. Great! And it works perfectly well. Thank you for your commitment and your work. :-) Let me propose something. Could you give us the choice to have the symbol hidden when there's nothing to be updated? Like the symbol of the Update Manager? That would be even greater.
claudiux-5 months ago
Thank you for your compliments! Your wish has been granted. Take a look at https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-spices-applets/pull/2254 ;-)
Jurien-5 months ago
Maybe as extra information on this Website tell how Hide the Icon can be undone.(When icon is hidden, this can only be reversed by doing this in the Applet settings. [img]https://i.imgur.com/FhwhQqm.png[/img]
claudiux-5 months ago
Good idea. I am going to modify the README.md file to explain that.
fluntelion-5 months ago
Now the applet is greater, but you're the greatest. Thank you very, very much. Here are two translations of "Hide the icon as long as nothing is to report" to German. Both are correct and idomatic, but (1) is a little bit shorter than (2) - just in case. ;-) (1) Icon nur anzeigen, wenn Updates verfügbar sind. (2) Icon verbergen, wenn keine Updates angeboten werden.
Mintulix-5 months ago
Great! I always wanted the download tab to be sorted by date as default (or that the chosen sort order would be saved). Thanks, claudiux!
claudiux-5 months ago
Version 1.2.0 is here! Now a click on a type of Spice (Applets, Desklets, etc) in the menu opens the Download tab of the corresponding page in Cinnamon Settings, with Spices sorted by date.
Jurien-6 months ago
Very useful applet. Translated by me in Dutch (nl.po) What I wonder is who makes sure that translations of Applets are integrated.
claudiux-6 months ago
Thank you Jurien (@French77) for your Dutch translation! All the translations are integrated by a member of the Cinnamon team: Jason Hicks (@jaszhix).
yochananmarqos-6 months ago
FYI, ttf-symbola is in the AUR and cannot be installed by pacman. An AUR helper like yay is needed or it can be installed with pamac: yay -S ttf-symbola or pamac build ttf-symbola
claudiux-6 months ago
Thank you for the information. Neither yay nor pamac are installed by default in Arch. I will do otherwise by integrating the Symbola-Hinted font into the Spices Update package.
Bundy01-5 months ago
Hi, just one question: why a dependency on a font? I modified the .js to not have the terminal open. Wouldn't it be possible to use the system font? Thank you again for this aplet.
claudiux-5 months ago
Hi, The Symbola font contains the \u23FF character (eye), which is displayed in the menu when new Spices are available. https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/23ff/index.htm
mockturtl-6 months ago
MarcoB-0049-6 months ago
EU/D Super praktisch, das Applet! Vielen Dank für die gute Arbeit! UK/Brexit --↓ Super handy, the Applet! Many thanks for the good work!
Bundy01-6 months ago
Very useful applet. Thank you.
claudiux-6 months ago
Thank you for all your wonderful messages! This encourages me to continue developing this applet.
SvenRieke-6 months ago
This functionality should always have been native by Cinnamon. One of the most important applets, a must have.
claudiux-6 months ago
German translation is now available. Thanks to @Mintulix!
MrNanook-6 months ago
Great applet, much needed. :-)
Mintulix-6 months ago
This one gets "5 stars" for the well thought out implementation. Great! Missed this since spices have been implemented in the four sections.
claudiux-6 months ago
Thanks to @muzena for the Croatian translation!