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Calendar applet with public holiday data provided by Enrico service



This applet is a fork of Cinnamon's own calender. It adds the capability to mark public holidays in the calender panel in addition to the weekend days. Like the World Clock calendar, it has the capability to display additional time zones.

Choose the Country and region for which to show the public holidays in the applet "Calendar" settings page. Add timezones to display in the applet "World Clocks" settings page.

The holiday data are obtained from the webservice Enrico by

Enrico Service 2.0 is a free service written in PHP providing public holidays for several countries. You can use Enrico Service to display public holidays on your website or in your desktop application written in any programming language.
Enrico Service 2.0 is an open-source software licensed under the MIT License so you can study, contribute, change or use it. See Enrico source code on Github.

See here for a list of supported countries and its regions. It needs to be noted that each change to their list needs to be reflected by an update to this applet. While I will try to keep track, if you notice something missing in the applet that the service offers, let me know about it.

Both the list of supported countries and the actual holiday data are provided by Enrico. If you find errors or have suggestions, please contact them directly at or raise an issue at Github.

If you find bugs in the applet itself or know about other sources of holiday information that can be included as webservices, please tell me about them.

About Events and Holidays

Most people using calendars today have adopted the logic behind the iCalendar format (RFC 5545). Applications using it may gloss over that, but the available categories for things to be entered in a calendar are limited to: event, to-do, journal, free/busy and alarm.

Holidays do not really fit any of those. And because of that, they mostly get entered as all-day (probably recurring) events, without any more distinction from the rest.

Suppose your calendar mentions someone's birthday. You will add it to your calendar as a whole-day event. If the calendar also mentions your country's National Holiday, both have no distinguishing feature that would make it possible to mark one and not the other as a non-working day.

This applet takes the notion of a non-working day, which could be a weekend day, a public holiday, or a religious observance (including the latter is not yet implemented), and gives them all the same visual marker. Events are not marked, or if they would be in a future version, they would need a separate representation to display the richer information attached to them. (Things like location, start and end time or participants.)

So, as it stands, holidays and events need to be separate data sources, and sources that provide data in an iCalendar format are not fit to be used as source for public holidays.



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Rai-1 year ago
I was looking for something similar on cinnamon desktop, it would have been great if this feature would have evolved from World Clock Calendar applet which is located at , I would like to suggest if there have been a feature to insert the .ics urls would be great so that other sources can be used in the calendar.
Claus Colloseus
Claus Colloseus-1 year ago
I am working on including the World Clock features of displaying multiple time zones. For the forseable future, this applet will not display event data (scheduling information), only holiday data (observance information). Calendar data formats like ICS do not recognize that distinction and therefore are not usable as sources.
GoodGuy98-1 year ago
@mfreeman72 There is a Desklet named Google Calendar that connects to Google Calendar in case you did not see it.
mfreeman72-1 year ago
I've used that one. Don't like it constantly on my desktop. I would rather have it in my calendar applet, just like it used to be way back in Gnome 2.
mfreeman72-1 year ago
A step in the right direction! Any chance of adding the ability to connect this to a Google calendar instead of, or in addition to, Enrico? I've already got holidays there, plus my appointments and events. THAT'S what I've been desperately wanting since Cinnamon was invented.
Claus Colloseus
Claus Colloseus-1 year ago
I am not intending to develop this in the direction of displaying events. The Google Calendar desklet does that better (the problems with the credential setup nonwithstanding). The scope of this applet is to mark days in the calender the same way weekend days are marked, adding a simple tooltip to give a reason. A daily stream of events/appointments and the notification "This is a special day" are at odds with each other, I think.
mfreeman72-1 year ago
Understood. I just really miss that functionality we used to have back in the Gnome 2 applet, and I don't like it constantly on my desktop with the desklet. I think this is something that's been way, WAY too long overdue in the official Cinnamon calendar applet.