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UUID: system-monitor@spacy01
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sobmicha-1 year ago
Not exactly. The problem is with the script. On line 24, the icon is defined as "gnome-system-monitor". But it's really just a symbolic link to utilities-system-monitor. After changing "gnome" to "utilities", the icon immediately returned to its place. By the way, this applet does nothing but take up memory. The icon in the grouped window list is enough to start gnome system monitor.
wingarmac-1 year ago
This might help : sudo apt install gnome-system-monitor gnome-icon-theme @sobmicha
sobmicha-1 year ago
Halfway Success: System Monitor is already booting up but icon is still not visible. Screenshot: Link to the theme used: The tray applet used:
sobmicha-1 year ago
Not pictures and not working See: