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A desklet that displays the time, date, currenty and forecast weather report




Clocket is a desklet built for cinnamon DE based on gnome3. display time,data and current weather data.

I built this desklet cuz I just wanted a desklet of my own taste.
Other desklets are great but i wanted a desklet having a clock and
weather viewer combined.


installation from default desklet downloader (Recommended)

rightclick on your desktop select add desklet go to "Download" tab, search clocket and download that.

installation from spice

download from here.

doenload from source (get the most recent version here)

Go here and download the desklet. Then extract the archive and copy the clocket@tirtha folder into your ~/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets folder.


  1. launch the desklet
  2. right click on desklet select configure..
  3. change colors of your taste.
  4. Generate a current weather data api key from openweathermap.org or existing api .just make sure that api is from openweathermap
  5. now put lat-lon or place name. if you dont know your location get it from here
  6. To update detailed weather block click on refresh button and in compacted version click current weather icon to refresh weather data.


notice1 : in compacted version click current weather icon to refresh weather data.

For more info visit clocket official site

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Jean-Noël Colin
Jean-Noël Colin-3 months ago
Nice desklet, but I believe that the forecast url should be changed (line 259) to use this.id() instead of 'q=katwa' ;-)
willdoit67-4 months ago
correct me if i'm wrong, but do i have to pay for access to wheather info? very funny......
ilenia-03-1 year ago
Will there be an update where the option to switch between Metric System and Imperial System is added? Thank you in advance.
sparks79-1 year ago
This Looks Amazing and from what I can see, it Shows Everything I need to know about my location. Just One Question , How can I Add Seconds to the Time Display.
pcolamar-2 years ago
Found it I changed this._time.set_text(this.clock.get_clock_for_format("%0H:%0M")); Thanks anyhow
pcolamar-2 years ago
Hi, Can I set the clock to show in 24h format ? Thanks
Towfiq Ahmed
Towfiq Ahmed-2 years ago
bro i'm new to this desklet thing. i was trying to change the background color of this desklet but i can't change the enforced theme background color from the desklet. any suggestion how to remove the theme color from the desklet.
Towfiq Ahmed
Towfiq Ahmed-2 years ago
fj-vega-2 years ago
I'm getting the following error: "unreachable!! unknown error occured." I think it happens when you add a negative longitude in the format "latitude--longitude". Most likely the two dashes are breaking it.
Andreas Vasilios Chatzopoulos
Doesn't work. Says invalid API key even though I added a legit key. Incredible bad UX to force the user to fiddle with APIs.. It should just work automatically with chosen location.
Bishop Gregory Godsey
Doesn't work in the US. Says unreachable.
Texcaliber-2 years ago
I get that error when I add 'lat-lon' in the weather section. It kinda works without it although I get temperature in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit and current temperature is also off by a lot (It says 22.2, 33 is actual temp). Comparing to 'weather@mockturtl' applet which works fine.
Tirtharaj Sinha
Tirtharaj Sinha-2 years ago
hi, texcalibar ! sorry for the dissatisfaction, I will take care about the lat-lon and unit, but let me clear data is provided by openweathermap.org , there is nothing I can do about it .
Tirtharaj Sinha
Tirtharaj Sinha-2 years ago
hi, Bishop Gregory Godsey ! I'm sorry you did not enjoy this desklet but make sure you are putting correct api key and the api key is from openweathermap.org. Hope it will help you.
one-man-coder-2 years ago
this is beautiful man
Tirtharaj Sinha
Tirtharaj Sinha-2 years ago
thank you for your feedback, enjoy .
dkrulewich1-2 days ago
I was looking for something like this desklet. It has a lot of nice features. For me (located in USA), the BBC source works except that it is only displaying repeatedly the current temperature instead of several days forecast. And I'm sure you already know, but only Celsius is available for units. I had a "partially working" display of weather using openweather and an old API. On a whim I deleted the old API, and sadly the new one doesn't work at all. Anyway, I appreciate your efforts creating this nice app.