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Customize the shadows of cinnamon windows



User Shadows - A Cinnamon extension

A Cinnamon extension to customize window shadows.



Cinnamon Spices

Download it from Cinnamon Spices or search for "User Shadows" in your Cinnamon extension settings.

From source

To download the source and install it, execute the following as a normal user:

git clone
cd cinnamon-user-shadows
npm run install-extension


If you find any bug, you can report on the Github issues page.


Contributions are welcome. Please submit pull requests to the extension repository (not the Spices repository, which is only a distribution channel).
It is recommended to open an issue before introducing new features to discuss them.


• Can I change the color of the shadow?

No. The APIs required to do that are not exposed to cinnamon extensions.

• The shadow of some windows is not modified, what to do?

This extension only applies to windows rendered by the cinnamon window manager (a.k.a. Muffin). It is likely that you are dealing with Gtk CSD windows, whose shadow is defined by the Gtk theme you are using.

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cyrilux-1 year ago
Hi! If there is one thing I really wanted to change for the window shadows, it's the color! Because for a dark theme, dark shadows have no use in case stacked windows don't distinguish each other. Even if it seems silly, "light" shadows would do the job just fine. So I am very disappointed. Any possibility to change this? That would be fantastic! Think's C6ril
Dragoş-1 year ago
Wish it were compatible with older Mint like 19.x (Cinnamon 4.2.x). Modified the metadata to add 4.2 compatibility but currently it throws an error on load I don't know how to find the reason for: invalid property id.
Ivan Sidorenko
Ivan Sidorenko-2 years ago
Hi! Thank you very much for your extension. It works fine and looks amazing. This kind of functionality I was always missing in Cinnamon. May I ask about add one more feature? It will be great if in the custom shadow setup dialog user configure the shadow for 3 sides (left-right-bottom). The shadow will look like in macOS. I think many users of your plugin will be glad to have the ability to configure such shadows. What do you think?