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Move windows back to their original location when (re-)connecting a monitor.



Back to Monitor - A Cinnamon extension

A Cinnamon extension to move windows back to their original location when (re-)connecting a monitor.



  • Remember window locations based on monitor connection (can be switched on/off)
  • Minimize windows when a monitor is disconnected (can be switched on/off)

The goal of this extension is only to operate on windows that are moved automatically when a monitor is disconnected.
It is therefore not possible (and will never be) to create/save/restore layouts on demand.


Cinnamon Spices

Download it from Cinnamon Spices or search for "Back to Monitor" in your Cinnamon extension settings.

From source

To download the source and install it, execute the following as a normal user:

git clone
cd cinnamon-back-to-monitor
npm run install-extension


If you find any bug, you can report on the Github issues page.


Contributions are welcome. Please submit pull requests to the extension repository (not the Spices repository, which is only a distribution channel).
It is recommended to open an issue before introducing new features to discuss them.


• Tiled/snapped windows are not restored correctly

The required APIs are not exposed to cinnamon extensions.
Therefore, tiled/snapped windows can only be restored to the predefined dimensions.

• Fullscreen windows are not restored

Before Cinnamon 5.4, the required APIs were not exposed to cinnamon extensions.
In this case, the fullscreen windows will be ignored.

With Cinnamon 5.4 and above, the fullscreen windows will be restored correctly!

• The "Always on Visible Workspace" option is not restored

The required APIs are not exposed to cinnamon extensions.
Therefore, windows that had this option enabled will not keep it. Instead, they will be moved to the last workspace where they were present.

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Simen Eriksen
Simen Eriksen-2 years ago
Thank you! This works just how you'd expect it! I have a dual monitor setup on my laptop, and I often go back and forth to meethings. Coming back at my desk, plugging in my docking station and seeing everything back to where it was is truly an amazing experience. It just works, that's a nicely done feat!