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Horizontal and customizable OSDs



Horizontal OSD

Make volume and brightness OSDs horizontal on your Cinnamon desktop environment. It's customizable so you can make your own OSDs too.

OSD Preview:


Alongside making your OSDs horizontal, there are lots of configuration options so you can customize OSDs as you want. Such as:

  • Position, size, border-radius and hide timeout of osd window
  • Size of icon, label and level bar
  • border-radius of level bar
  • Colors

Also you can write your custom CSS for all those elements.

GitHub repo

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VenomMage-1 month ago
This is perfect! It's way better than the default pop-up and should be the new default!
invexx-3 months ago
Excellent. Thank you!
SerKersen-6 months ago
Wow, this is great! Mega improvement. I set the X position % to 85 instead to help keep it even more low-profile. To have this extension makes me never want to go back to the old style. Thanks Berk!