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A dark theme with elegant appeal



A dark theme originally based on 'Eleganse' theme. But now progressing independently.

Icon theme used in the screenshot is "nuoveXT2"

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cloudscream-4 months ago
Cool, dark, and transparent. Perfect.
navyguns-8 months ago
This is my go-to theme on all my Cinnamon desktop installs. Would be nice if the Windows borders and Controls options were present in the theme. Thanks for your efforts.
Leandro Martinez
Leandro Martinez-1 year ago
This is GREAT, at last a dark environment, props to the devs! I just have a question, how to enable the OS X-like menu bar at the bottom?
praveenp-1 year ago
That is a dock application named docky. You can install it from software manager.
hjk mkl
hjk mkl-1 year ago
Dark theme but not elegant. Not at all.
Stephan Helas
Stephan Helas-2 years ago
Hi, the switcher style icons is not readable on dark backgrounds (like terminals), because the rectangle is also dark. can you change that? http://picpaste.com/IMG_1174-5HfxaP0K.JPG second question: can you make the active window more obvious (like win95, blue for active, grey for inactive)
praveenp-2 years ago
A light border added and probably update soon (https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-spices-themes/pull/216). Hope this will fix the switcher issue. Being less vivid is appreciated in this theme (as well as eleganse theme and original gnome 3 elegance theme), It would be okay to follow that design philosophy for now.
Sam-2 years ago
what's that dock?
praveenp-2 years ago