Numix Cinnamon SemiTransparent

UUID: Numix-Cinnamon-Semi-Transparent
Last edited:
1 month ago 2023-08-20, 01:56
Last commit: [4602bc73] Numix Cinnamon Transparent/Semi-transparent: Prevent limiting of menu applet height (#748)

Semi-Transparent version of Numix-Cinnamon-Transparent Theme from edoz90 with support for grouped windows list



Semi Transparent theme for cinnamon 4.2/4.4/4.6


Original Original theme: Numix-Cinnamon Theme

this theme support GroupedWindowsList applet (default on new cinnamon)


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richo-1 year ago
creo el icono del escritorio desaparece, por lo demás esta súper bonito.
JVMartyns-2 years ago
I would like to get this photo menu, where can I find it?
arehtykitna-2 years ago
I'm not keen on the commit 363f3417 'refinements', to me it has ruined what was a nice minimal theme for the panel and start menu unfortunately. I'll try and keep the last commit I have on my machines as long as Cinnamon still works with it.
Mirko Girgenti
Mirko Girgenti-2 years ago
i'm working on a theme settings applet that can configure some feauture of a theme, exposed from the theme, keep an eye on future changelog for now the past version still work good as always, for now you are good to go, before the past version stop working (at least another year) i think to end the work on the applet and all my theme will be supported, i don't want to revert the commit as i use this theme for my mint and i prefer this lightweight glassy effect
StefanBa-2 years ago
I would like to get these window boarders from the picture, where can I find them?
Mirko Girgenti
Mirko Girgenti-2 years ago
I use windows 10 window borders the one shipped with windows 10 theme tela circle orange dark as icons qogir-ubuntu-win-light as controls the icons on the screenshoot is the mint default one
dipenSan-3 years ago
It looks very nice. I feel windows 7 glass style theme here. I always want to see semi transparent panel and start menu by default. But no problem here I found it. I will definitely try it.
arehtykitna-3 years ago
Thanks to the creator and whoever is keeping it updated. Lovely theme to use and integrates perfectly with current Cinnamon on LMDE4
mshmm-3 years ago
Great work. Thanks for keeping this updated.
Andrei Miculita
Andrei Miculita-3 years ago
Better than the fully transparent version, if only because this version is still being updated
Chris Spizzirri
Chris Spizzirri-3 years ago
I get this error message when trying to install via Themes: "An error occurred during the installation of numix-cinnamon-semi-transparent. Please report this incident to its developer. Details: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmp2tbbcow6/numix- cinnamon-semi-transparent'"
Mirko Girgenti
Mirko Girgenti-3 years ago
The fix is been deployed in production, now the install of the theme must work
chilly bones
chilly bones-3 years ago
I see a pull request to fix the directory name: