Numix Cinnamon SemiTransparent

UUID: Numix-Cinnamon-Semi-Transparent
Last edited:
4 weeks ago 2020-09-03, 14:33
Last commit: [995a3bd7] minor fix (#654)

Semi-Transparent version of Numix-Cinnamon-Transparent Theme from edoz90 with support for grouped windows list



Semi Transparent theme for cinnamon 4.2/4.4/4.6

Original theme: Numix-Cinnamon-Transparent Theme

Original Original theme: Numix-Cinnamon Theme

this theme support GroupedWindowsList applet (default on new cinnamon)


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dipenSan-3 weeks ago
It looks very nice. I feel windows 7 glass style theme here. I always want to see semi transparent panel and start menu by default. But no problem here I found it. I will definitely try it.
arehtykitna-1 month ago
Thanks to the creator and whoever is keeping it updated. Lovely theme to use and integrates perfectly with current Cinnamon on LMDE4
mshmm-3 months ago
Great work. Thanks for keeping this updated.
Andrei Miculita
Andrei Miculita-3 months ago
Better than the fully transparent version, if only because this version is still being updated
Chris Spizzirri
Chris Spizzirri-9 months ago
I get this error message when trying to install via Themes: "An error occurred during the installation of numix-cinnamon-semi-transparent. Please report this incident to its developer. Details: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmp2tbbcow6/numix- cinnamon-semi-transparent'"
Mirko Girgenti
Mirko Girgenti-9 months ago
The fix is been deployed in production, now the install of the theme must work
chilly bones
chilly bones-9 months ago
I see a pull request to fix the directory name: