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For those who like Doors 8 style, in spite of everything.

Railway Cinnamon theme

For those who like Doors 8 style, in spite of everything


From source

Run make install or move the Railway folder into your ~/.themes folder.

Cinnamon Spices

Download it from here or search for "Railway" in your Cinnamon theme settings.

Color customization

To change the accent color of the theme you need to install it from source in order to get the original code and scripts. Once you have it run make color=COLOR, where COLOR is the hexadecimal color without #. For example make color=FF00FF. Then run make install.


Run ./utils.sh --watch to automatically compile and reload the theme. It will create a link in ~/.themes.

It's important to run utils.sh from its containing directory.


Contributions are accepted via GitHub pull requests here. Please, if you modify any image resource, run ./utils.sh --simplify before creating a commit.

NOTE: never edit CSS files directly. They are overriden at build.

Build dependencies

  • inotifywait (inotify-tools): watch for changes
  • sassc: compile sass files
  • scour: remove svg metadata


Special thanks to @zagortenay333 for the codebase.

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brunces-3 months ago
The grey variant is really awesome! Where can we download it please? Thanks.
brunces-3 months ago
Never mind. I've figured it out. Your theme rocks, dude!
Germán Franco
Germán Franco-1 week ago
Nice! For anyone in the future all you have to do is compile it with `make color=212121`, where «212121» is the desired color. For that you'll need the source from the repository, here you can only get a precompiled build in blue.
ayanb1991-3 months ago
It's a good theme. Where I can find the dark variant shown above. Looks pretty cool. Can't find it under 'Themes'.
brunces-3 months ago
Check this out, ayanb1991...

Murat Çileli
Murat Çileli-5 months ago
Best theme. Ever.
Clement Lefebvre
Clement Lefebvre-6 months ago
Nice :)
Nickolay Karnaukhov
Nickolay Karnaukhov-6 months ago
Nice theme