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My first issue that I share, hope you like.

- Download and unzip .themes

* For GTK2 theme or GTK3 I recommend Arc (part of my theme is based between Arc and official theme of Cinnamon)
* To recommend ARC icons with Numix-Circle.


Update 0.8.1

* Removed the white border from the Favorites part of the menu

Update 0.8

* Change Style Selection Windowlist
* Change bookmark style
* Change launcher selection style
* Added shadows from certain places.
* More transparency in the menu and panel.
* Improved overall style.

Update 0.7

* Improved popupmenu for earlier versions of cinnamon 3.2

Update 0.6

* Added shadow to menu, run and notification
* Added transparency to menu and run
* Changed the size of the menu
* Modified the menu button style
* Modified the menu for cinnamon 3.0 or lower
* Modified style of climbing and expo
* Modified notification size and run


Update 0.3

* Added Scroll with your own style
* Improved dialog style
* Improved the Run dialog
* Enhanced Vertical Windows List
* Improved Windows list Top
* Improved Launcher
* Improved Panel size

Note: To better appreciate the theme have disabled panel settings - Use the custom panel theme


Update 0.2

* Modified prority of letter by Noto Sans.
* Improved panel display below.
* Improved display of side panels.
* Added style to the background color of the menu button.
* Color change to popup menu for Cinnamon 3.0.

some improvements needed, but with time I'll go better.


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Leirbag-4 weeks ago
hi, i wanna learn how to make this themes, what should I do? :c
PD: my english sucks sorry
Ezequiel Interian
Ezequiel Interian-3 months ago
es hermoso lo amo gracias ojala pudieran adaptar el color de pop theme que mola mucho
David Vedvick
David Vedvick-3 months ago
Nice and subtle, I like it!