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2 years ago 2021-06-21, 14:53
Last commit: [47c13c67] Update: Cblack V3.1.0 Theme (#704)

The theme is based on Linux Mint Dark and includes the gtk/gtk+ theme.





  • Download the zip file and extract the folder.
  • Move the document to the .themes folder located in the /home/$USER/.themes


What custom applets do I use?

  1. CinnVIIStarkMenu - https://cinnamon-spices.linuxmint.com/applets/view/281
  2. Collapsible Systray - https://cinnamon-spices.linuxmint.com/applets/view/265
  3. Shutdown applet - https://cinnamon-spices.linuxmint.com/applets/view/159
  4. Weather - https://cinnamon-spices.linuxmint.com/applets/view/17

How to make the panel transparent?

Inside the CBlack folder, open the cinnamon.css file, search the following code

.panel-left {
    box-shadow: 1px 0px 0px 0px rgba(20, 20, 20, 1);

.panel-right {
    box-shadow: -1px 0px 0px 0px rgba(20, 20, 20, 1);

.panel-top {
    box-shadow: 0px 1px 0px 0px rgba(20, 20, 20, 1);

.panel-bottom {
    box-shadow: 0px -1px 0px 0px rgba(20, 20, 20, 1);

You modify the last value between 0 (full transparency) to 1 (full visibility)

What is the GTK theme based on?

It is based on the Linux Mint theme, only the colors, tooltip and the menu were modified.

Where can I get the wallpaper?

Click here to download wallpaper



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dearsirplease-7 months ago
How to make the same control panel as in the picture?
Suhail Mahmood
Suhail Mahmood-8 months ago
Best theme! But some transparency would be better I think. Or probably not. Thanks a million for this awesome theme!!
richo-1 year ago
esta bonito aun que se parece mucho al tema principal de linux mint, solo que en color azul
mujehoxe-2 years ago
This theme is great but, contrast is not very good between opened and closed apps in the task bar.
José Francisco Pérez Alvarez
The instructions to make the panel transparent should be updated due to changes in the code. The only way I found to make the panel transparent was to modify the following: #panel { padding: 0px; height: 32px; width: 32px; background-color: none; <---- This line colour: #cccccccc; font-weight: normal; } #panel:highlight { background-color: #aa5555; } I would appreciate confirmation if the change is correct or if there is a better way.
Suhail Mahmood
Suhail Mahmood-8 months ago
Sorry, in my last comment I used alpha of 0.5 but said for "70% transparency", but I am sure you realized it was a typo ;)
Suhail Mahmood
Suhail Mahmood-8 months ago
Using `rgba` also works. So to use the same color but with 70% transparency, you can use this: background-color: rgba(47, 47, 47, 0.5);
Renato Ayau
Renato Ayau-2 years ago
Thank you for your comment, as you make it correct, I will update the description.
NerdsMaxx-2 years ago
Thanks very much!
Raymundo Cassani
Raymundo Cassani-3 years ago
Pretty nice theme! I've being trying (unsucessfully) to modify the gtk.css file to make transparent the background of the terminal. Any advice what I need to do?
Renato Ayau
Renato Ayau-3 years ago
Hi and thanks, it depends on the distribution and the terminal you use. If you use Linuxt-Mint with gnome-terminal, go to settings and create a profile and in the "color tab" you can make it transparent.
Raymundo Cassani
Raymundo Cassani-3 years ago
Thanks for the reply. I'm using Cinnamon in Arch, which uses the default gnome-terminal (without the transparency option). However, I was able to make the background transparent with this: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/409764/background-transparency-for-gnome-terminal
Renato Ayau
Renato Ayau-3 years ago
Good to know, thanks.
F.A.G.A-3 years ago
Muito bom esse tema. É um tema do Mint aperfeiçoado melhorado.
Renato Ayau
Renato Ayau-3 years ago
TitanToast-3 years ago
Could you please leave a link for the wallpaper?
wisnu150477-3 years ago
shoul be try a nice theme
binhex-3 years ago
I love this theme!, what icon theme are people using to complement this? im particular interested in using this with file manager 'Nemo'
cloweling-3 years ago
The icon theme I use is from Mint-Y-Dark-Gray
Phil995511-3 years ago
The best one theme on Debian 10 Buster with Cinnamon :) Thank you for your work. I just love it :)
cloweling-3 years ago
Thanks for your comment
Jesse Boyd
Jesse Boyd-4 years ago
I think this should be called CGrey not CBlack. Check out Adara-Dark that is actually black ;)
cloweling-4 years ago
XDDD good subject, but initially my subject was black but eventually it bothered me, but if the sunlight comes and the best thing I did is connect it with the dark version of the gtk theme of linux mint
Encho Topalov
Encho Topalov-4 years ago
Do you plan keep both Light and Dark variants for Controls. The new Dark one is pretty awesome, but please return the Light
cloweling-4 years ago
Of course, I will continue only that now the dark version ends, the white one I still have it halfway, I will make some variants, such as the lighter menus and using the official clear theme of Linux mint only with the changes
Argaman Meir Gez
Argaman Meir Gez-4 years ago
What's the font you used on that date applet?
cloweling-4 years ago
this is the format: %A, %d %b %Y - %l:%M %p
Sojiro84-4 years ago
Thank you for making the perfect task-bar theme for me! I do have a small question. I edited the theme color to match my window theme, but there is one area that I have a hard time finding so I can change that color as well. I hope you can tell me what value I need to tweak so I can adjust the color to match my theme as well. See the screenshot at: https://imgur.com/a/xhLgJ08 As you can see, I am talking about the small area that is still brownish/grayish. Hope you can help me out. Thanks again!
cloweling-4 years ago
Thank you very much, sorry that until today I realized your message, to change that part is in .popup-sub-menu { background-color: rgb (55, 55, 55); }
Sojiro84-4 years ago
Now I am the one giving a late reply! Thanks for pointing me to where I need to be. It's perfect now! Thanks again!
Federico Costa
Federico Costa-5 years ago
Hi, is it possible that this package doesn't include the gtk folders?
cloweling-5 years ago
I had problems when uploading the gtk but here I leave the link to download it. https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1161427/
cloweling-5 years ago
@Leirbag te recomiendo que veas el tema original de Cinnamon ubicado /usr/share/cinnamon/themes/.../cinnamon.css y solo lo estudies, mires los comentarios y que tengas un poco de idea como usar CSS, igual yo también ando aprendiendo, así que todo se puede, en las siguientes semanas me pondré a mejorar un poco mas el tema en diferentes partes del panel. Saludos
Leirbag-6 years ago
hi, i wanna learn how to make this themes, what should I do? :c PD: my english sucks sorry
Ezequiel Interian
Ezequiel Interian-6 years ago
es hermoso lo amo gracias ojala pudieran adaptar el color de pop theme que mola mucho
David Vedvick
David Vedvick-6 years ago
Nice and subtle, I like it!