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Creates graphs for system variables.



System monitor graph Desklet

Desklet to show graphs for the level of activity in various system variables including: CPU, memory, and disks. The desklet supports multiple instances with different system variables with the idea of presenting them in a uniform way.

Four instances of the Desklet in action.

This project has been inspired from other Desklets such as Disk Space, CPU Load, Simple system monitor, Network usage monitor, Top, and the Rainmeter Win10 Widgets.


Variables to monitor (v1.0 - May 2020)

System variable Description
CPU CPU usage in %
RAM Used RAM as % of total, and in GB
HDD % of I/O activity, and free and total space in the filesystem (partition) indicated by the user

Each variable is calculated every Refresh interval seconds (Min. 1 s, Max. 60 s.), and the graph shows the last Duration of the graph period (Min. 30 s, Max. 60 min).

Customizable visual elements

Settings for one instance of the system monitor graph Desklet.


The Desklet is fully customizable.

A simple screenshot.


  • [ ] Bottom alignment of the text elements
  • [ ] Right alignment of the third text elements
  • [ ] Add % of use of GPU
  • [ ] Add other variables such as network, CPU and GPU temperatures, battery levels for PC and peripherals.


This is my first Desklet and the first time using JavaScript. Below, some resources that I used for the development of this Desklet.

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PRSoftware-1 month ago
An other suggestion: could you add the possibility to launch an application (by default gnome system monitor for example) when left clicking on the desklet.
PRSoftware-1 month ago
It is a very good desklet : clean and easy to use. As asked by other users, could you first add the network monitoring (DL and UL speed) in the next release ? The temperatures would also be a great feature but less important than network for me ... You did a great job !
CrazyFoxSR-1 month ago
Please can you make network monitor next. I am useing it from since i swiched to cinemon and i like it .
pabloantunes-1 month ago
This desklet with a transparent background would be great.