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Creates graphs for system variables.



System monitor graph Desklet

Desklet to show graphs for the level of activity in various system variables including: CPU, memory, and disks. The desklet supports multiple instances with different system variables with the idea of presenting them in a uniform way.

Four instances of the Desklet in action.

This project has been inspired from other Desklets such as Disk Space, CPU Load, Simple system monitor, Network usage monitor, Top, and the Rainmeter Win10 Widgets.


Variables to monitor (v1.3 - April 2022)

System variable Description
CPU CPU usage in %
RAM Used RAM as % of total, and in GB
Swap Used Swap space as % of total, and in GB
HDD % of I/O activity, and free and total space in the filesystem (partition) indicated by the user
GPU Usage GPU usage in %
GPU Memory GPU memory usage in %

Each variable is calculated every Refresh interval seconds (Min. 1 s, Max. 60 s.), and the graph shows the last Duration of the graph period (Min. 30 s, Max. 60 min).

Customizable visual elements

Settings for one instance of the system monitor graph Desklet.


The Desklet is fully customizable.

A simple screenshot.


  • [ ] Add other variables such as network, CPU and GPU temperatures, battery levels for PC and peripherals.


This is my first Desklet and the first time using JavaScript. Below, some resources that I used for the development of this Desklet.

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Andre Verwijs
Andre Verwijs-3 months ago
please add network monitoring .... thanks
supriokundu-10 months ago
Hi, First of all I'd like to thank you for creating this very useful and customizable monitoring tool. It consumes very little resources compared to a similarly functioning conky config. I was using it to monitor CPU, MEM, GPU and Filesystems and it was working fine but as I've swapped my GPU from GTX 1070 to RX 590, the GPU monitor won't work anymore, it is only having as option for NVIDIA not for AMD. I want to know that if there are any issues in my system itself or it is expected behavior? If the 2nd is true, is it possible to add AMD support to this wonderful desklet?
Raymundo Cassani
Raymundo Cassani-9 months ago
For the moment, the desklet does not have support for AMD GPUs. I don't have one at hand, and I'm not sure how to monitor its status in the way nvidia-smi does for NVIDIA GPUs
supriokundu-9 months ago
Thank you very much for your response, I've made my own conky theme to monitor various hardwares on my PC, which includes my RX 6600 GPU. I've also done the same for RX 500 series GPUs. Its shows numerous parameters of my GPU like current load in %, core temp, fan speed, core and memory clock, total power etc. But conky consumes way more (CPU) resource to show them compared to your desklet. So, if you want I'm ready to share my knowledge with you which might be helpful for you. I'm not that proficient in coding to build a desklet my myself.
Raymundo Cassani
Raymundo Cassani-8 months ago
It sounds great! Please send me an email, my info is in my GitHub profile
PRSoftware-10 months ago
Hello, For HDD monitoring, you chose to display data with units powers of 1000 rather than of units powers of 1024. For example, your desklet reports 526 GB free on my disk but the file manager and all other tools report 490 GiB which seems to me more accurate. Is it possible to add a feature to choose the display unit (GB or GiB) ?
krasotaa-10 months ago
There's something wrong with this desklet, I was working on animations with css in firefox and they weren't fluid, so what solved it was to remove this desklet, because I remembered that there was a warning about crashes in that desklet. My computer has a ryzen 5 2600 and a gtx 1660 super. Weird.
PRSoftware-1 year ago
Hello, One year ago, I asked if the network monitoring was planed to be added in this fabulous desklet. You answered that it was the next feature... And now ? Is it still in your plans ? Thanks by advance.
fafke-1 year ago
Hello mister R. Cassani This is my favourite desklet and love to see some addings. Is it possible to add Cpu temperature en Gpu temperature. This is because i have them now as applet but when i go full screen i cant see them anymore. I have multiple screen setup so when i go fullscreen i can see them on my other screen. hope to here from you !
Chaturanga42-1 year ago
I'm on Manjaro Cinnamon and after updating desklets today, yours stopped working. Can you give me any pointer on how I can find out, whats wrong?
Chaturanga42-1 year ago
They have disappeared from the desktop, when trying to add them from cinnamon "Desklets", no desklets are getting created. Pressing "configure" button in the same window, does not have any effect as well.
quamok-1 year ago
nice desklet, but the HDD option doesn't seem to be working for me. It stays stuck at the CPU graph, frozen. All other system variables are working properly. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?
simonmicro-2 months ago
Yes, similar problem. HDD just stays at "0 GiB free of 0 GiB" with 0% usage. Does not seem to matter with directory to select...
Nazarii Oliinyk
Nazarii Oliinyk-2 years ago
Can you make video tutorial "How to make your own desklet" ?
Nazarii Oliinyk
Nazarii Oliinyk-2 years ago
Very cool desklet. Fulled customization. Thanks.
AlexWhiteSe-2 years ago
Could you please add temperature stats for CPU and GPU ?
ARNOLD Somogyi
ARNOLD Somogyi-2 years ago
The latest update does not work with Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon. I just updated my Mint Linux, then updated this desklet, and it disappeared. Mint says that "This desklet contains function calls that could potentially cause Cinamon to crash or freeze. If you are expecting crashes or freezing, please try to remove it." Could you please fix this? This is my favorite desklet and I would like to use it. Thx. Version: Version 1.2 (2021-02-06 16:15:34)
Raymundo Cassani
Raymundo Cassani-2 years ago
Even with that warning you should be able to use the Desklet. I haven't find the culprit yet.
AlexWhiteSe-2 years ago
I have same OS version and there are freezes every second
PRSoftware-2 years ago
An other suggestion: could you add the possibility to launch an application (by default gnome system monitor for example) when left clicking on the desklet.
PRSoftware-2 years ago
It is a very good desklet : clean and easy to use. As asked by other users, could you first add the network monitoring (DL and UL speed) in the next release ? The temperatures would also be a great feature but less important than network for me ... You did a great job !
Raymundo Cassani
Raymundo Cassani-2 years ago
Yes, network monitoring will be the next feature
CrazyFoxSR-2 years ago
Please can you make network monitor next. I am useing it from since i swiched to cinemon and i like it .
Raymundo Cassani
Raymundo Cassani-2 years ago
Yes, network monitoring will be the next feature.
pabloantunes-2 years ago
This desklet with a transparent background would be great.
Raymundo Cassani
Raymundo Cassani-2 years ago
The Desklet supports transparency. Just pick a custom color and move the transparency slider.